“I see myself as a troubleshooter - a problem solver - a gun for hire - a fixer of design problems.”

-Marc Newson

"Gun for hire"意思是"a professional killer who uses a gun",帶槍的殺手,今年47歲的馬克.紐森(Marc Newson)常常這樣形容自己;業界稱他為「跨行業的設計鬼才」,據說業界堪稱「鬼才」者只有紐森和他的前輩菲利浦史塔克(Philippe Starck)。從家具、手錶、鞋子、概念車、手機,到室內設計、私人飛機與A380機艙,紐森的設計無孔不入。《Time》雜誌2005年評選他為百大影響力人物,說他是「一個為世界製造夢幻曲線的人」(Mark Newson wants to curve the world);著迷於科技的鬼才設計師,是二十一世紀「用線條造物的新神」。如果你問他,為什麼會有源源不絕的創作靈感,因為這世界上買不到他要的東西,所以他要到外太空把他們帶回來,英國BBC廣播電台為他拍了紀錄片【Mark Newson: Urban Spaceman】。



When Marc Newson first arrived in Paris as a struggling young designer in the early 1990s, he stayed in an attic in the French garment district. It was small, with an ominous smell. In those days Newson was so broke that his only pair of shoes had holes worn through the toes.

His shoes are still holey, but only because Newson, now one of the world's most-sought-after industrial designers, purposely designed them like that for Nike.

(New York Times)


學生時代紐森就瘋狂地迷戀上椅子,他的「感覺椅」"Felt"和「胚胎椅」"Embryo"兩把椅子,被設計界譽為世界十大值得珍藏的椅子。而有一張椅子叫「洛克希得」"Lockheed Lounge",樣子像一大滴流動水銀的休閑椅(like a giant blob of mercury "based" loosely, very loosely….)在佳仕得拍賣以150萬美元賣出,是全世界最貴的一張椅子。有人形容「感覺椅」,當我們躺在身體軀殼般椅子上,好像不只我們親身貼近這張掏空體積的椅子的感覺而已,它彷彿也回過頭來感覺我們的體溫。椅子的溫度、情感、生命的原型,在與人身體的碰觸間,甦醒過來。紐森說,再也沒有人能把這樣明亮的顏色,揉合在這般誘人、性感的曲線當中。


The first Newson chair to go into production, through the Japanese company Idee in 1988, and later with Cappellini. The Embryo chair looks familiar now, but its rounded shape was radically new 20 years ago. "No one was making things in bright colours that were curvy and seductive and sensual." says Newson. "I'd been subconsciously developing a style, and with that piece I think I defined what that style was."

在設計中最能啟發紐森的是科技、材料和工序。(These days I am inspired by the new technologies, materials and processes that I come across in the course of my work.)。他把一塊重100噸的大理石,彎成一把椅子。「沒有人相信大理石可以彎曲的,但我做到了,我找到一個純淨的方法表達自己。」


Marc Newson … has turned a chair into a masterpiece of sculptural form. While he's taken over the contemporary art world with his classic references and stunning futurist effects, he is, first and foremost, a craftsman, a man who believes in his materials, and even while he's creating pieces destined for outer space, he finds all the inspiration he needs roaming around planet Earth.




Newson has been obsessed by space for as long as he can remember, and whenever anyone asks what his dream design project would be, he says a space station.

He is now taking what he calls "a brilliant first step" toward that goal by working on the design of a spaceplane, a new leisure spacecraft that is part airplane and part rocket. "This is the sort of project I've always known that I'd love," said Newson. "It's been a huge challenge, technically and ergonomically, but most of all because we've had to deal with a whole lot of issues that didn't exist before. It's felt a bit like designing in the early days of flight."

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