The most unforgettable smell I have ever come across is that of durians. I remember when I was ten, my family and I visited our relatives in Indonesia .

 There, I was introduced to this fruit. I thought its appearance seemed unfriendly, with thorns threatening to burst every cell on my fingers the moment I laid my hands on them. However, the most special part of this fruit was the pungent smell it gave out – it didn’t have those fruity smells that apples and strawberries have, neither does it smell aromatic like coffee. Instead, it smelled rather like trash, and I secretly wondered if this scary fruit was even edible.

 When my relatives pried open the thick hard shells of the durians, the odor grew stronger and stronger, and I had to breathe with my mouth to prevent myself from suffocating. My relative offered me a yellow fruit, and I took it reluctantly. I pinched my nose and put it in my mouth. Good gracious! It tasted so delicious, a complete opposite of its appearance and its smell! With that, I devoured every single durian that I could reach.

 Ever since then, I fell in love with durians. Whenever I smell this unforgettable smell, I would trace it and enjoy a feast of durians. Some durians taste very sweet, while others have a little alcoholic taste in them. The pungent smell of durians has also taught me never to judge a book by its cover – if I had refused to try durians because of its odor in the first place, I would never have gotten the chance to enjoy such a tasty fruit!