1.Full-time employees are eligible for annual leave based on years of service. 正職員工按照年資休年假。

2.Every employee is expecting his/her year-end bonus. 每位員工都在期待自己的年終獎金。

3.She gets the equivalent of more than twenty-eight months of salary every year, including bonuses. 她每年連分紅能領到超過28個月的薪水。

4.The year-end salary raise is due to an increase in the company's profits.年底的加薪是因為公司獲利增加。

5.We will have an annual outing next month.公司下個月將舉辦年度旅遊。

6.The welfare committee is planning a year-end party.福委會正在籌辦公司尾牙。

7.Everyone should fill out their employee evaluation form today.今天每個人都要填好員工考核表。

8.We need to discuss our sales plan for next year.我們需要討論明年的銷售計畫。

9.The promotions will be determined based on this year's performance.公司將依照員工今年的表現決定是否升遷。

10.I am considering a career change.我在考慮要轉換跑道。

11.I resigned from my position. I am off the payroll. 我離職了。

12.Mr. Wang left the present job because his employment contract expired. 王先生因為工作合約期滿而離開現職。

13.We are throwing a farewell party for Henry. 我們要替亨利辦一場歡送會。

14.The industry boom comes to an end this year. Next year will be difficult. 業界的好景氣到今年為止,明年將很糟。

15.She is arranging holiday rotations. 她正在安排同仁的假日輪班。



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